Car Insurance Tips in the Event of a Theft

Choosing the right car theft insurance can be vital should a motorist ever need to eventually make a claim. In many instances, the terms and conditions of an auto insurance policy implement a series of restrictions and if adequate coverage isn’t purchased, the policyholder can eventually find themselves with a high level of out-of-pocket expenses.

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When a vehicle is stolen, the insurer will usually allow a set period of time for it to be recovered. During this period, the driver may find themselves paying for a lease or hire vehicle before a settlement is reached. Although some policies will cover the cost of hire vehicles, there are many insurers who do not include this additional level of coverage.

When purchasing car insurance, premiums will be lower if the vehicle is fitted with anti-theft devices such as immobilizers and security-etched windows. Safe overnight parking can also help to keep costs down. Motorists should still be aware that some thieves use sophisticated techniques to by pass anti-theft devices and if the vehicle is eventually recovered, the insurance company may not pay out for damage caused to those devices when the theft took place.

Any claim made on an anti-theft insurance policy will usually require validation so it is vital that the theft of a vehicle is reported to the police at the earliest opportunity. Any delay in reporting the theft of a vehicle will inevitably affect the time that it takes for the insurance company to produce a settlement figure. Motorists are advised to keep detailed notes of all circumstances surrounding the theft to ensure that claims can be dealt with effectively.

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