Car Insurance Quotes for Young Drivers in South Carolina

Young drivers in South Carolina will find that car insurance quotes are either excessively expensive or just difficult to come by. While most motorists can use an assortment of different techniques to lower the cost of auto insurance, young drivers seem to be a little more limited in what they can actually do to reduce expenditure. There is overwhelming statistical evidence that drivers between the age of 16 and 24 are more likely to be involved in a serious road traffic accident than their older counterparts. If a young driver is still in their teens, this risk is increased even further.

Insurance Costs

Insurance companies have a tendency to tar all young drivers with the same brush when it comes to providing auto insurance quotes. Policies are priced on a basis of risk and if the insurance company feels that there is a greater likelihood of making an eventual payout, premiums will increase accordingly. This can make some car insurance quotes completely unaffordable for younger motorists, especially as many of them are still attending school or college and can, at the very best, only work on a part-time basis.

Naturally, this often leads to parents footing the bill for auto insurance quotes. However, those costs can still be controlled to a certain degree and the average price of a policy in South Carolina has actually fallen by 2% in the first half of 2010. Indeed, Auto insurance costs in South Carolina are actually lower than the national US average by approximately $21 each year. Although this doesn’t represent a massive difference, there are a number of things that young drivers in South Carolina can do to make additional savings on their car insurance quotes.

Student Discounts and Advanced Driving Courses

Perhaps the best place to start for a young driver in South Carolina isn’t a price comparison website or insurance office but the classroom! Insurance companies love to see younger motorists displaying a sensible and responsible attitude and there’s no better place to show maturity than at school or college. Although the insurance companies won’t actually sit alongside young drivers in class to gauge their behavior, they will offer discounts if students are able to maintain good grades at school.

Lower auto insurance quotes can also be found if young drivers show a responsible attitude towards driving. If an advanced driving course is taken and passed, insurers will look at this favorably. An advanced driving course serves to hone the skills of young motorists and can help in promoting faster reactions to dangerous incidents and developing a safer culture of defensive driving. Once again, car insurance quotes can be lowered significantly if an attitude of responsibility is prevalent.

Choice of Vehicle

The type of vehicle being used by a young driver in South Carolina will have a direct impact on auto insurance quotes. A racy convertible with a performance engine might be fantastic for impressing friends but it’s not going to gain much popularity with an insurance company. Young drivers are best advised to hold back on fast, flashy vehicles until they are older and have gained more driving experience. Insurers will elevate their car insurance quotes when younger motorists drive faster cars because the element of risk has been increased.

It makes much more sense for younger drivers to use an older vehicle with a small engine capacity to begin with. This type of vehicle will have a lower market value and repair costs are likely to be much lower so auto insurance quotes will decrease accordingly. However, it is important to note that many insurers will offer a premium based on the most expensive car within a household as opposed to the one that the young driver is using. Although a teenager may be driving a 15 year old vehicle worth $400, they will find that their car insurance quotes will increase dramatically if a parent owns a new $50,000 vehicle. These hidden costs can be particularly unfair on young drivers so clarity should be obtained from any prospective insurer that a premium has only been based on the car being driven.

High-Risk Areas

Car insurance quotes can vary greatly based on where a young driver lives. A higher premium will be charged if younger motorists live in areas with high crime rates, dense populations or busier roads. This is because the insurer feels there will be a greater likelihood of car theft or a road traffic accident. Because South Carolina is a more rural area, most young drivers should find that their auto insurance quotes won’t be too severely affected by this particular procedure.

If the risk of car theft is common problem in the area where a young driver lives, lower car insurance quotes can be assured if the vehicle can be kept in a safe and secure overnight location. A locked garage is usually the best place for a vehicle to be kept and insurance companies will offer lower premiums if they feel there is little chance of a car being stolen

Security and Safety

As well as keeping a vehicle in a safe overnight location, auto insurance quotes can be reduced if a vehicle is fitted with security devices that decrease the chances of any subsequent theft. Alarms are one of the most important features that a vehicle should have but insurers will also look favorably on immobilizers, windows with stenciled security markings and, in the modern age, a satellite tracking system.

Safety is also of paramount importance when it comes to obtaining cheaper car insurance quotes. Additional features such as ABS braking systems and automatic seat belts will usually help in producing lower premiums. Air bags are another popular feature that insurance companies like to see installed within a vehicle.


It stands to reason that the less time a young driver spends on the road, the lower the chances are of them being involved in an accident. When auto insurance quotes are obtained, the premium can be reduced significantly if the young motorist agrees to restrict their estimated annual mileage. Insurance costs can be cut even further if a curfew is obeyed. More accidents happen at night and by restricting vehicle usage to daytime driving, further reductions will be applied to the cost of a policy.

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