Car Insurance Policies UK

Since car insurance policies were passed as mandatory in 1930, UK drivers have had to hold a minimum level of third party cover before taking their vehicles on the road. Unlike the USA, UK drivers do not have to be in possession of insurance paperwork or a driver’s license while using their vehicles but, if these are not presented at a later date when requested, legal proceedings will inevitably follow. It is advisable to always drive with at least a cover note so that, in the event of an accident, details can be exchanged with third party drivers.

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When car insurance policies are issued, a series of factors are taken into consideration before a premium is agreed. Age, location, driving history and the model of vehicle being insured are all basic components of assessing risk before car insurance policies can be issued.

Although third party cover only makes up the lowest tier of car insurance policies available in the UK, drivers are always best advised to purchase comprehensive cover wherever possible. Comprehensive car insurance policies not only provide cover for damage or personal injury to other motorists, but the policyholder and their own vehicle are also protected in the event of a road traffic accident.

Comprehensive car insurance policies can also be boosted by a number of convenient add-ons to include cover for legal costs, breakdown and roadside assistance and the use of a courtesy car should the policyholders vehicle be off the road for any extended length of time. Recent years have seen comprehensive cover become more competitively priced and can even work out cheaper than third party insurance if levels of voluntary excess are raised before purchasing a policy.

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