Car Insurance in the Republic of Ireland

Although it is not actually part of the United Kingdom, car Insurance in the Republic of Ireland operates under the same legislation as the rest of the British Isles. Motorists in the Irish Republic have access to most of the major UK insurance companies as well as all the price comparison sites that have become so popular in recent times.

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Additionally, it is possible to purchase car Insurance in the Republic of Ireland from a number of locally based companies including Quinn Direct and AA Ireland. The country operates on the same three-tiered insurance system as England, Scotland and Wales so both variations of third party cover can be obtained as well as comprehensive policies that offer premium protection for Irish drivers.

The sparse terrain of the island means that car Insurance in the Republic of Ireland can be considerably cheaper for those living in rural areas. Although denser areas such as Dublin, Waterford and Cork will see premiums costing slightly more, inhabitants of low-traffic areas can enjoy the financial benefits of living in a low-risk region.

Unlike Northern Ireland, car Insurance in the Republic of Ireland was rarely affected by the troubles that have occurred north of the border in recent years so prices have always been reasonably consistent. However, the fact that the Irish Republic sits outside of the British mainland doesn’t mean that the same benefits afforded to UK citizens can’t apply.

Most comprehensive policies now include all of the familiar add-ons associated with UK auto insurance including protected no claims bonuses and roadside assistance.

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