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Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

Car insurance in Northern Ireland works on the exact same basis as the rest of the United Kingdom. Policy prices in Northern Ireland, however, are amongst the most expensive in the world owing to the heavy rate of car crime in cities like Belfast.

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The minimum legal requirements are that each driver has a policy that covers the driver but not the vehicle. If a third party uses that vehicle with permission from the owner, that driver must have a policy that covers them to drive the car on a standalone basis.

Other minimum requirements are that each policy must cover the driver for third party damages in the event of a collision with another vehicle. As it is mandatory in Northern Ireland to have insurance in Northern Ireland, any person found to not be carrying adequate cover is committing a criminal offense and can receive a heavy fine or possibly lose their license. Penalty points are added as endorsements to the licenses of drivers who are caught driving without insurance and a criminal record can also be a result for persistent offenses.

Northern Ireland car insurance is based on a few factors. Mainly, these include the area where the vehicle is kept over night, whether it has an alarm, an immobilizer, lockable wheels, or any other security features. Also, the postcode area that the driver lives in can have a huge impact on the policy price owing to levels of crime in certain areas.

Most UK-based insurance companies will provide policies to drivers in Northern Ireland but motorists may find that different terms and conditions apply. Always read the small print before deciding on an insurance policy.

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