Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

Car insurance in Northern Ireland is largely governed in very much the same way as similar legislation in England, Wales and Scotland. However, the recent lifestyle changes in Northern Ireland have seen prices even out to a similar level to other countries within the United Kingdom.

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During the troubles, car insurance in Northern Ireland was considerably more expensive because of the increased number of vehicle thefts and the damage caused during the much-publicized riots. Today, the country is finally at peace and obtaining car insurance in Northern Ireland is easier than ever before.

The country is actually covered by all of the major market insurance leaders within the UK and Northern Ireland residents have access to a wide range of company websites and call centers when looking to take out a new policy. Additionally, Northern Ireland drivers also have access to a full range of price comparison websites including Money Supermarket, Go Compare and Confused.

Car insurance in Northern Ireland also operates on the familiar three-tiered insurance system that is synonymous with other parts of the UK. Drivers can opt for comprehensive, third party fire and theft or basic third party polices which all offer varying levels of cover. Like the rest of the UK, car insurance in Northern Ireland is mandatory and a policy must be obtained before a vehicle can be driven on the road.

The sparseness of Northern Ireland actually offers drivers a number of benefits, the most significant of which is cheaper car insurance for those living outside of major towns and cities. The rural qualities of the country and the peaceful times of recent years have made car insurance in Northern Ireland much more affordable.

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