Car Insurance for Young Drivers

It seems to have become universally accepted that the costs associated with car insurance for young drivers will be decidedly higher than the premiums paid by mature motorists. There are a number of influencing factors behind this which are supported by some damning statistics. In the UK alone, a driver below 21 years of age is up to ten times more susceptible to being involved in a road traffic accident than a driver over the age of 30. Inexperience also sways the price of car insurance for young drivers and costs continue to remain higher for the new car owner. Motorists with more miles on the clock are understandably more mature in their driving habits and this is reinforced if older drivers manage to maintain an accident-free driving record.

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Car insurance for young drivers is also assessed on a factor of risk and because figures support the idea that teenage motorists will have a higher likelihood of being involved in unsafe driving behavior or an accident, a premium will be adjusted by the insurance companies to compensate for the risk involved.

However, the rising costs of car insurance for young drivers can be tempered to bring premiums down to a more affordable rate. Taking ownership of a vehicle with a small engine capacity of 1.1 liters or less is looked upon favorably by major insurance companies while limited mileage and daylight driving can also have a significant effect on annual or monthly payments.

Car insurance for young drivers can be further reduced by resisting the temptation of vehicle body kits and performance modifications while advanced driving courses purchased as a supplement to regular training will also be taken into consideration.

If higher levels of voluntary excess are considered and a vehicle is equipped with advanced security and tracking features, car insurance for young drivers can be lowered even further to make premium prices much more attractive.

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