Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Australia

As is common with most young motorists within Europe and the United states, car insurance for young drivers in Australia is frequently more expensive than it tends to be for older, more experienced road users. Although high premiums can be a distinct deterrent for many junior motorists, companies such as Just Car actually specialise in providing car insurance for young drivers in Australia and even take performance or modified vehicles into account when providing polices.

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However, car insurance for young drivers in Australia can be reduced if cautious motorists take sufficient precautions to help lower the cost of a policy:

  • Young drivers should ideally restrict car usage to vehicles with a lower engine capacity. Older vehicles will also be looked upon favourably in terms of policy price
  • Additional advanced driving courses are perfect for helping to build a safe driving history. This can help to reduce car insurance for young drivers in Australia even though their road use may still be comparatively limited
  • Anti-theft devices and built-in tracking systems can help to minimise the level of risk involved when insuring a vehicle and can significantly lower the premium price
  • Mileage limitation has always been a significant factor in reducing the cost of a policy and car insurance for young drivers in Australia can be lowed further if vehicles are only used for daytime driving
  • Young drivers may also consider being added to the existing policy of an experienced driver with a safe motoring history instead of purchasing their own standalone insurance. This is particularly useful if a young driver is at university and is only using a family vehicle during vacations

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