Car Insurance for UK Women

The debate surrounding gender-related driving continues unabashed and many outsiders could be forgiven for believing that car insurance for women is often cheaper because statistics support the idea that they may be safer drivers. In reality, both sexes are involved in a similar number of accidents over an extended period of time. However, females tend to have fewer high impact accidents than their male counterparts and because the level of damage sustained by their vehicles is significantly cheaper to repair, car insurance for women is inevitably cheaper.

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Additionally, female vehicle owners tend to drive more conservatively than most males and are less likely to pick up speeding violations or other endorsements. When coupled with lower accident repair costs, car insurance for women is always likely to be comparatively cheaper.

The fact that women carry a lower risk capacity than male drivers means that there are a growing number of specialist companies that only provide car insurance for women. Amongst the most famous of these is Sheila’s Wheels, who launched their female-only service in the UK during 2005. Although the company still covers male drivers under the Esure company umbrella, car insurance for women still provides better value for money when taking out a policy through Sheila’s Wheels.

This trend is currently threatened by the changing habits of female drivers. Because more women now work in full-time employment, they are covering more miles and driving over longer distances than ever before. Although there are still no official government statistics to support the notion that female drivers are becoming more frequently involved in expensive accidents, the closing gap in premiums may indicate that car insurance for women will soon be similarly priced to policies held by their male counter parts.

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