Car Insurance for Teenagers in the UK

Car insurance for teenagers can be highly expensive for what is considered to be one of the highest risk insurance groups in the UK. By following a few simple tips, the price of the average young driver insurance policy can be greatly reduced.

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  • Accident-free driving is the best way to achieve cheaper car insurance for teenagers. One full year of safe motoring can see the costs of a policy slashed dramatically.
  • Increasing the excess on a policy is highly recommended and makes your proposal more likely to be accepted by your insurance company.
  • Restricting the number of named drivers when taking out car insurance for teenagers will result in a much lower premium.
  • Only add young drivers to an existing policy if absolutely necessary. By having their own car insurance, teenagers will build up a safe driving history much more quickly. Consider temporary addition if a young driver is only going to be on an existing policy during university holidays.
  • Forget the need for vehicle modifications. Car insurance for teenagers is much cheaper on standard vehicles.
  • Always pay premiums in full when the policy is taken out. Most insurance companies will charge more if monthly installments are made.
  • Always purchase car insurance for teenagers online. Land-based insurance companies can be up to 30% more expensive than their online counterparts.
  • Always optimize security features such as trackers or anti-theft devices.
  • Car insurance for teenagers will always be cheaper if a vehicle is kept off-road when not in use. Keeping the vehicle in a garage will drive down the price of a policy even further.
  • Keep driving to a minimum. High annual mileage normally equates to high insurance costs.

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