Car Break Down Insurance UK

While the importance of automotive insurance should never be underestimated, car breakdown insurance can be just as important especially for drivers that spend long hours travelling throughout the UK. Although there is no legal obligation for car owners to take out car breakdown insurance, the services of a reputable roadside recovery company should never be underestimated.

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In the UK, there are two different methods available that allow drivers to take out car breakdown insurance. Many car insurance companies now offer a breakdown service as additions to third party or comprehensive insurance policies. However, many drivers prefer to have their cars covered for breakdown by using independent motoring organizations such as the AA, the RAC or Green Flag.

In many cases, car breakdown insurance policies actually use the three major independent motoring organizations to provide their services anyway, so policy holders are assured of receiving some of the best levels of roadside assistance available. Most incidents are now attended with 40 minutes of the initial call being made and the AA, in particular, claim to resolve more problems at roadside than any other motoring organization based within the UK.

As well as offering roadside assistance, most car breakdown insurance companies also offer a home start service for issues such as dead batteries or failing starter motors while relay services can see car breakdown insurance holders and their families driven across the entire length of the country to get home instead of being dropped off with their vehicles at the nearest garage.

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