Can you afford NOT to have Auto Insurance?

There are a growing number of road users who choose to ignore their mandatory state regulations and, instead, they opt to drive without any auto insurance coverage in place. Although this can save them money while they’re getting away with it, the long-term implications are bleak. Sooner or later, these problem drivers are caught by the police and the effect a conviction can have on future auto insurance quotes can be particularly devastating.

When a vehicle is registered, the Department of Motor Vehicles keeps information on file about the car itself and the driver. If an auto insurance policy lapses, or if an initial policy isn’t taken out, the DMV will be able to recognize the lack of coverage through their computer systems. In many cases, drivers will be given the chance to purchase a policy before further action is taken but if a road user has already been convicted for a DWI offence, the penalties will be much more severe.

The current marketplace is awash with carriers that are offering fantastically cheap auto insurance quotes so there’s really no reason at all for motorists to take the risk of driving without adequate coverage in place. A DWI conviction will lead to a poor driving record, a smaller choice of policies in the future and, when they can actually be found, auto insurance quotes will be much more expensive. The futility of trying to save a few dollars is far outweighed by the peace of mind that a valid auto insurance policy actually brings.

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