Can I Buy Tourist Auto Insurance Coverage

Foreign drivers who are planning a trip may be wondering whether they can buy tourist auto insurance coverage. Car rental companies do offer some insurance protection to their customers, but this may not be enough coverage if a serious accident occurs. A better choice is to arrange for tourist auto insurance coverage before arriving in the country.

The time for a driver to start looking for tourist auto insurance coverage is before leaving the country. Not all auto insurance companies will provide this type of protection. A driver who is interested in buying this type of temporary auto insurance coverage should make a point of going online find out which companies carry this particular product.

Auto Insurance When Traveling to Mexico

An American auto insurance policy is not valid once a driver crosses the border into Mexico. Drivers who are traveling in that country will need to buy a “civil liability” auto insurance policy. This insurance provides the same type of coverage as the third party liability portion of an auto insurance policy issued in the U.S. or Canada, since it provides coverage for personal injury and property damage claims.

Insurance agencies located in towns near the U.S./Mexico border sell this type of coverage. A driver who is planning a trip can also look for coverage online to compare rates.

Traveling through Mexico without the proper auto insurance coverage is not a good idea. If an accident occurs and a driver isn’t covered, he or he may be required to pay a fine. This amount must be paid in cash. In some cases, the driver will be put in jail following the incident.

A driver who wants to rent a car to drive in Mexico should plan to pick up the vehicle after arriving in the country. Most rental agencies do not permit a customer to drive one of their cars across an international border. The ones who will allow a car to be taken into Mexico will charge a high amount for insurance coverage.

International Driver’s License

A person who is planning to drive while visiting a different country will also need to arrange for an international driver’s license. The international driver’s license holder must be at least 18 years of age. This document is used in conjunction with a valid driver’s license issued in the driver’s home country.

A person who is interested in obtaining an international driver’s license is not required to take a test to have one issued. Once the license has been issued, a driver can drive legally in most countries around the world. It can be used when renting a car while traveling for business or pleasure.

Buying tourist auto insurance is something that drivers who are planning to travel to a different country need to consider before they leave. Along with arranging for an international driver’s license, shopping around for the necessary auto insurance coverage should be part of the preparations before leaving home.

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