California State Auto Insurance

California state auto insurance is a mandatory requirement and vehicle owners are required to carry proof of coverage with them at all times. An auto insurance certificate or other form of valid identification must be produced if a law enforcement officers requests it, if a vehicle is involved in a road traffic accident or every time a vehicle registration is renewed.

Sufficient protection must be purchased, and California state auto insurance has to meet the minimum required levels. $15,000 worth of personal injury liability per person, $15,000 worth of personal injury liability and $5,000 worth of property damage liability is the absolute minimum level of coverage required, although it is always advisable to purchase as much protection as possible.

California state auto insurance laws have been tightened considerably since 2006, and vehicles that are insufficiently insured, or not insured at all, can be removed from the roadside. The California Department of Motor Vehicles have also become more stringent over recording auto insurance data, and those without sufficient cover in place run the risk of losing their vehicle registration under the new laws.

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