California SR22 Car Insurance

California SR22 car insurance policies come into force for all drivers in the Golden State who have been the subject of a DUI-related offence enforced by both the California Department of Motor Vehicles and the courts. If a driver has been convicted of drink-driving, California SR22 insurance is compulsory for a period of three years.

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California SR22 insurance acts as an arrangement between the insurance provider and the California Department of Motor Vehicles and if an insurer is no longer providing coverage for a driver, the CDMV must be notified immediately.

There can be several reasons why a California SR22 insurance policy is no longer being provided:

  • A lapse in auto insurance coverage due to late payments or non-payment of a premium
  • Termination of insurance coverage if a driver is considered to be too high a risk
  • The driver has switched insurance providers, in which case the previous insurer is obliged to forward a Notice of Cancellation of California Insurance Proof Certificate

Many of the major auto insurance companies within the US will avoid insuring drivers requiring California SR22 insurance so convicted drivers will often have their work cut out in finding an insurer who will cover their compulsory 15/30/5 policy.

However, there are a number of smaller companies and brokers that actually specialize in this type of cover and California SR22 insurance can be obtained readily through these resources. The DUI Arrest Help website provides a wealth of information on California SR22 insurance policies and should be used as a starting point for any convicted motorists looking for adequate auto insurance cover.

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