California SR-22 Auto Insurance Information

California SR-22 auto insurance is usually applied if a road user becomes the subject of a DUI violation. This particular form of legislation is monitored by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and enforced by state courts. Once a driver has been recorded on the DMV database as a DUI motorist, California SR-22 auto insurance becomes compulsory and lasts for a period of three years.

California SR-22 auto insurance requires an auto insurance provider to provide details to the California Department of Motor Vehicles if the owner of a registered vehicle no longer has sufficient auto insurance coverage in place. There are several different reasons why California SR-22 auto insurance violations might be reported:

  • Existing auto insurance coverage has lapsed because of late or non-payments
  • An auto insurance provider has terminated a policy because the driver is considered to be too big a risk
  • The driver has chosen to change auto insurance providers. When this happens, the former carrier must send a Cancellation of California Insurance Proof Certificate to the California DMV

Some auto insurance companies prefer not to cover road users who require California SR-22 auto insurance. Under these circumstances, drivers with violations might struggle to find a carrier who will provide a typical 15/30/5 policy. However, there are several companies and brokers specializing in California SR-22 auto insurance problems. Unfortunately, these carriers often charge vastly inflated premiums to alleviate the level of risk they have to undertake themselves. The only way to secure cheap auto insurance quotes in the future is to remain violation-free while California SR-22 auto insurance is in effect.

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