California Online Auto Insurance

When you purchase California online auto insurance, you will be bound by the same legislation that is enforced when policies are bought from land-based offices or telephone call centers. Although auto insurance is often cheaper online, road users are still obliged to purchase the minimum 30/15/5 levels of cover that are mandatory throughout the entire state of California.

So why is California online auto insurance so much cheaper? When a carrier sells their products from an office or over a telephone, their sales teams are aware of the fact that they have your complete attention and that there is no competition to steal your custom away in that exact moment of time. To a certain degree, they know that they can inflate their prices and if you’re desperate for a policy, all they have to do is close the deal.

When you purchase California online auto insurance, every single carrier is operating in an open marketplace where their competitors are fighting for the same business. To secure business, those carriers have to offer something exceptional in order to warn off the competition and one of the most appealing factors that can influence a buying decision for consumers is price.

At Promiga, we offer California online auto insurance at fantastic prices, but we never lower the quality of our products to make them more appealing on a monetary basis. We offer superior coverage at a superior price, and we only use superior auto insurance carriers to partner our website. By dealing with best, we can always bring you the best and that’s always been the Promiga way!