California High Risk Auto Insurance

While most road users can benefit from the use of our dedicated website as a matter of course, there are a small percentage of motorists who inevitably incur higher rates because of their previous driving history. At Promiga, we specialize in providing California high risk auto insurance for road users are unable to find an affordable policy option elsewhere.

When you purchase your California high risk auto insurance through us, you’ll be dealing with industry experts who are sympathetic towards the problems you face. Because we only deal with companies that received the highest industry ratings in all areas of their service, we know that our partners will already have extensive experience in looking after drivers who have encountered difficulties when searching for an affordable policy in the past.

There are many different factors that can present you as a California high risk auto insurance driver. You may have a history of extensive claims, DUI convictions, a poor accident rate or you may have been disqualified from driving for using a vehicle without having a valid auto insurance policy in place. Our expert partners are familiar with these problems and are usually able to provide policy options that are significantly cheaper than those offered elsewhere.

As time goes by, you can actually take your own actions to improve your driving history. Take an advanced driving course, minimizing the number of claims you make and driving in a careful and considerate manner will soon see your points total soar and this will lead to further reductions on your auto insurance rates in the future.