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California Extends CLCA Program

It’s great news for motorists in California! The California Low-cost Auto Insurance Program (CLCA) has now been extended for another five years following a recent agreement underwritten by the presiding Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The current program was due to expire in2011 but new laws mean that road users can enjoy cheap auto insurance rates for the foreseeable future following the latest deal.

This is especially good news for low-income families who struggle to find affordable auto insurance quotes in a traditional manner. Although price comparison websites have made it much easier to secure cheap auto insurance quotes in recent times, many of the policies on offer are still out of reach for motorists living in the Golden State.

The agreement on extending the CLCA program was met in light of the news that many Californian residents could be facing unemployment after proposed job cuts caused by the current economic crisis. Because so many motorists are struggling to find auto insurance coverage through traditional marketing methods, the CLCA program will continue to offer cheap auto insurance quotes from affiliated companies who have already participated in the popular incentive over the last four years.

A hotline will be provided for potential candidates and premiums will range from $161 to $368 each year. To qualify for acceptance in the CLCA program, road users are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • A clean driving history
  • Over 19 years of age
  • Over 3 years of being continuously licensed
  • Family income must not exceed 250% of the federal poverty line

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