California Car Rental Insurance

When renting a vehicle from most US auto rental companies, the agreement signed will inevitably state that the customer takes full responsibility for any damage incurred while the vehicle is in their possession. California car rental insurance is a vital component for problem-free motoring although consumers are best advised to be completely aware of how their rental agreement works.

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Often, customers will be offered a damage waiver as an added cost to their rental fee. However, these are private agreements between the customer and the rental company and are not considered to be substitutes for California car rental insurance. If the driver of a rented vehicle is involved in an accident whilst driving a hired car, they will still need to be in possession of basic 15/30/5 coverage which is compulsory for driving in the Golden State.

Although some auto rental companies are able to provide California car rental insurance cover for their customers, it is always advisable to consider the final details of these temporary policies carefully. Often, cover will be absolutely minimal and those renting a vehicle may find it beneficial to seek a more suitable alternative.

Indeed, it is highly recommended that customers check their own policies to see if California car rental insurance is included as part of the agreement terms on their personal auto insurance documentation. If this is not the case, it can still be helpful to talk to your auto insurance company to see if it can updated to suit your actual requirements.

California car rental insurance can also be covered under the usage agreement of your credit cards and it is always worth checking with your credit company to find out if this might be the case under your own terms and conditions.

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