California Car Insurance

California car insurance is a legal requirement for all motorists driving in the west coast state. Although California is the most populated state within the US, insurance premiums are actually just below the national average even though the road system in California is typically busier than in other states with higher insurance costs.

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The minimum level of California car insurance is $15,000 for injuries to a single person, $30,000 for injuries sustained by 2 or more people and $5,000 worth of cover for damage sustained on a third party vehicle. Collision damage insurance and protection against uninsured or underinsured drivers is subject to additional charges are not included as part of the minimum level of California car insurance coverage.

Finding cheap insurance in California has become easier in recent times thanks to the advent of price comparison websites. These excellent resources give consumers the chance to compare quotes from rival companies offering a wide range of policies. This gives the potential policyholder an opportunity to differentiate between the variety of benefits each prospective policy offers and a decision can normally be reached within minutes.

California car insurance can also be obtained through a network of insurance brokers or from independent company websites that tend to offer a discount on all policies purchased online. Most companies still operate call centers so that a live operator can help with any queries you may have over a policy.

Specialist California car insurance companies exist for a number of different vehicle types including sports cars, performance cars and motorcycles. There are also a number of companies that deal in SR22 insurance policies for motorists with recent driving convictions.

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