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California Car Insurance and DUI

If you have been convicted of DUI (Driving Under the Influence), it will probably affect your car insurance. For one thing, you will probably need to pay more for your coverage with this type of offense in your record. It will take quite some time before you would be able to qualify for a “good driver” discount on your coverage, even if you had a clean driving record before the incident. You can probably plan on not being able to qualify for this designation for about 10 years after your conviction.

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Your license and registration may be revoked when you are arrested for a DUI. Once that occurs, you will need to get an SR-22 before you can have your driving privileges back. Your insurance company will need to be notified about this requirement.

There is some good news for California car insurance customers who are convicted of a DUI, though. Under state law, the insurer can’t raise your rates or cancel your policy while the policy is in force.

Your insurance company can make changes to your policy when it is up for renewal. The company can increase your rates at that time or even refuse to continue to offer you coverage. At that point, you will need to start shopping around for pricing and getting car insurance quotes to find out how much you will need to pay for your coverage.

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