California Business Auto Insurance

If you’re a business owner in California and operate a fleet of vehicles from your place of work, you’re going to need California business auto insurance. State law requires all vehicle owners to carry 30/15/5 auto insurance and these levels of protection apply to privately-owned and business-owned vehicles alike.

Naturally, it’s going to be slightly more expensive to insure an entire fleet of vehicles than it is to insure a single car but that’s never going to cause a significant problem when you purchase you policies through Promiga. We provide the best value California business auto insurance in the marketplace and what’s more, we only use the best providers to ensure you’re nothing less than delighted with purchases and the service you receive.

How can we make California business auto insurance so cheap? Because we work with vastly experienced carriers who understand the marketplace inside-out, you’ll never be knowingly overcharged for insuring a multiple number of vehicles. All of our providers have an industry ‘A’ rating which serves as a hallmark for their quality of products and levels of service.

When you purchase California business auto insurance through Promiga, you’ll be offered an exclusive range of discounts from our chosen providers for purchasing your policies in bulk. What’s more, many of our chosen partners will be able to implement employee schemes that offer cheaper auto insurance deals for your entire workforce. As well as keeping your fleet protected, you’ll also have a happy and vibrant team, increased loyalty and superior productivity.


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