Consumer Ratings for California Auto Insurance Companies

What makes Promiga so much better than every other price comparison website? At Promiga, we don’t partner any old company. We carefully hand select the best providers in the business, and we do that by taking their California auto insurance ratings into account before we decide if it’s worth forging relationships with them for the benefits of our customers.

California auto insurance ratings are given out based on reports from independent industry reviews and customer feedback. If any company fails to achieve the minimum ‘A’ rating that we demand, we won’t work with them. Our dedication to perfection knows no boundaries, and we’ll never sacrifice our own reputation by working with inferior companies.

When you purchase a policy from a carrier that has the best California auto insurance ratings, you’ll be able to do so in the safe knowledge that you’ll be receiving fantastic service, remarkably priced policies and superior levels of aftercare if you ever need to make a subsequent claim.

Every one of our providers is licensed to operate within the state of California, which means you’ll always be receiving policies that meet the minimum mandatory state requirement. The minimal 30/15/5 coverage will be guaranteed, and you’ll also have the option to increase your coverage with useful add-ons including collision coverage, comprehensive insurance and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. Very few consumers consider California auto insurance ratings when they’re looking or a policy, but the benefits of working with industry leaders are just as important as saving money when purchasing new policy or renewing an existing deal.

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