California Auto Insurance Penalty

Drive without a valid policy in place, succumb to too many accidents or find yourself imposed with a DUI conviction, and your carrier will punish you with an auto insurance penalty. Auto insurance underwriters craft their policies based on the risk that you present to them. If you are safe driver with a non-existent or low-level claims history, and have taken advanced courses to improve your driving skills, you will usually qualify for the lowest auto insurance rates.

However, you will almost certainly incur a California auto insurance penalty for any of the following criteria. It is in your own interests to present yourself as a reliable and safe driver at all times:

  • If you have a bad claims record, this usually indicates poor driving skills. Frequent accidents send carriers running, and the only way they’ll consider covering you in the future is by adding a California auto insurance penalty to outweigh the risk they undertake
  • If you are aged between 18 and 24, you’ll automatically accrue a California auto insurance penalty for being a young driver. Unfortunately, all young drives are judged by the accident records of their peers, even if they are safe drivers themselves
  • Have you been caught driving without insurance? Expect to receive a California auto insurance penalty when you purchase your next policy
  • A DUI conviction is the worst possible entry on a driving record, so avoid drinking or recreational drug use before driving. The California auto insurance penalty applied to DUI entries is amongst the highest of all, so always think carefully before taking your car out where alcohol might be consumed

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