California Auto Insurance for Teens

If you are a young driver and you’re looking for California auto insurance for teens, you may have already realised that a policy doesn’t come cheap. Unfortunately, auto insurance policies are underwritten using a basic factor of risk and the greater the risk presented by the vehicle owner, the higher the subsequent rates will be.

California auto insurance for teens is more expensive because young drivers are statistically proven to be involved in more fatal road traffic accidents than motorists from any other age group. If the young driver is male, it’s highly likely that the premium will be higher still. Even if you’re a great driver and have never been close to having an accident, you’ll still have to pay high auto insurance rates because of the category that you fall into.

Thankfully, California auto insurance for teens can be made much cheaper if proactive action is taken and everybody can do something about the rates they’re presented with. Even something as simple as maintaining good grades at school will earn marks with the insurance underwriters, so a solid work ethic and application to studies is essential.

If it is affordable to do so, young drivers should also take an approved advance driving class. As well as improving your skill and reactions, your willingness to improve as a driver wins you points when you apply for California auto insurance for teens. Special discounts for driving class graduates are used by most major carriers, and the savings to be had are usually very significant.

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