California Auto Insurance Coverage

California auto insurance coverage is a legal requirement and it is an offence to use a vehicle on state roads and highways without having a valid policy in place. The minimum levels of protection are $15,000 worth of personal injury liability cover per person, $30,000 worth of personal injury liability per accident and $5,000 worth of property damage liability.

As a no-fault state, California auto insurance coverage is put into place so road users can claim from their own policies when an accident occurs. This lightens the load on the Californian legal system as less cases go to court. Legal action will only ensue if serious physical injuries are sustained due to the negligible actions of another driver.

California auto insurance coverage can be purchased from land-based offices, telephone call centres, agent, brokers and websites. Purchasing online is the most common way to pick up an insurance deal and most road users tend to use price comparison websites for this purpose. Some price comparison sites offer diverse range of products but it’s usually better to purchase your California auto insurance coverage from a resource that specialises in one particular area.

Legislation has tightened considerably in recent years and road users who fail to purchase California auto insurance coverage can see their driving privileges revoked and their vehicles removed from the roadside for crushing. These stringent regulations have been enforced more vigorously in the last few years to deter drivers who use their vehicles without valid California auto insurance coverage in place.

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