California Auto Insurance Company Ratings

If you’ve been a Promiga customer in the past, you will already be aware of the fact that we only deal with premium quality providers that enjoy the highest California auto insurance company ratings. We are insurance professionals and we never believe in settling for anything other than the best. In turn, we apply these principles to our entire customer base and we never expect them to settle for anything less than the best either.

When we search the marketplace for new partners to work with, we always use California auto insurance company ratings to establish the credentials of a provider. If an auto insurance provider doesn’t carry the highest ’A’ rating in independent service and customer reports, you will not find them on our database.

Naturally, there are other things that we look for. An auto insurance company must have a flexible range of policies to suit every type of driver. We aim to cater for every demographic within our customer base and if a provider cannot meet our expectations, we simply don’t use them. Price is also an influential factor when we scour the market for partners, and policies must be affordable without compromising on the quality of the coverage itself.

We also take your personal privacy very seriously and never work in unison with companies outside of the auto insurance industry. This means you’ll never be bothered with nuisance telephone calls, annoying junk mail and spam. It is only when these criteria are met, and the relevant California auto insurance company ratings are in place, that we offer our approval for providers to meet people that matter most, and that’s you!

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