California Auto Insurance Commissions

Are you still amazed at the incredible low-cost auto insurance quotes that Promiga have to offer? Many of our delighted customers don’t understand how we manage to provide so many great quotes without charging California auto insurance commissions, but the secret behind our success is about to be revealed.

We operate in an open marketplace and when auto insurance companies sell their services on our website, they do so on the understanding that other carriers will be fighting for the same business. Because our chosen partners all specialise in providing fantastic auto insurance policies, one of the key components to securing business is price. That’s great news for you, and even better news for your wallet.

We don’t provide low prices with a view to charging California auto insurance commissions at the point of sale. At Promiga, what you see is what you get. All of our approved providers offer their quotes on an ‘as is’ basis so nothing is hidden and there are never any nasty surprises to deal with.

What’s more, we never ply you for personal information in the hope of selling it on at a profit to unrelated companies further down the line. We hate spam, and you’ll never be subjected to relentless pressure from ourselves, our partners or anybody else.

Even better, we never put you under any obligation to purchase a policy once your quotes have been received. We prefer to concentrate on giving you outstanding value for money, and there’s never any California auto insurance commissions in sight!


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