California Auto Insurance Commission

As our customer base continues to grow, we’re starting to receive more letters asking how we provide such amazing quotes without charging a California auto insurance commission. After all, there are plenty of websites out there that charge a fee whenever online auto insurance quotes are applied for. If a vehicle owner plans to compare multiple policies in order to find the best deal, this can ultimately become a very expensive undertaking.

At Promiga, we think those companies suck. Why? We’ve been building our reputation over many years and have never had to charge a California auto insurance commission at any stage. How do we do it? It’s really quite simple and when we tell you how, you’ll immediately realise that every other company that charges for their quotes have been ripping you off all along.

We research the market extensively to find the best carriers for our site. We always avoid companies who haven’t earned their stripes, and insist on only partnering insurers who have a sustained record of excellent service, superior products and great aftercare. Every one of our partners has the highest ‘A’ rating and we never settle for anything less.

To avoid charging a California auto insurance commission, we simply let out partners operate within an open marketplace. Because these companies trade side-by-side, their biggest weapon in securing new custom is price. By and large, the policies they offer are fairly equal so to gain your business, they’ll inevitably bring down their premiums. It really is that simple, and that why we’ll never charge a California auto insurance commission – EVER!

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