California Auto Insurance Carriers

If you’re considering a policy purchase from Promiga, you might be wondering which California auto insurance carriers we use. Do we guarantee our fantastic prices by using companies you’ve never heard of, or is there something undiscovered about our premium-level service that allows us to use names you might have actually heard of?

At Promiga, we’ve never forged a single relationship with low quality California auto insurance carriers in our lives. We insist on using the best because we believe that our customers deserve the best and nothing else will do. We have our own reputation to preserve, and we can only entrust that reputation to similar-minded companies who enjoy excellent feedback and the highest industry ratings.

So, which California auto insurance carriers do we work with? How about Progressive? Progressive are widely renowned in the auto insurance industry and claim to be able to save you up to $400 every month when you purchase a policy on their website. Purchase through Progressive with us, and those savings will be even greater. How do we do it? We have access to the policies of hundreds of different California auto insurance carriers and because they have to compete for business on the same pages, additional discounts are used.

This means our customers are the ones who benefit the most. We only use ‘A’ rated California auto insurance carriers such as Allstate, State Farm and GEICO to provide our online auto insurance quotes and will never fob you off with second-rate companies or second-rate policies.

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