Budget Australian Auto Insurance

Are you an Australian who’s looking to find cheap auto insurance quotes? Have you scoured every single auto insurance company in your local area to find low auto insurance rates, only to receive huge premiums that’s actually cost more than your current policy? Why not consider a budget auto insurance company instead?

Budget auto insurance companies offer discounted policies for drivers who might be struggling to find a preferential deal elsewhere. Often, they will operate on an Internet-only basis so you may have to take a chance on their credentials and reputation. However, the fact that they are licensed to sell their products in Australia usually indicates that the company has been rigorously vetted for approval.

Many budget auto insurance companies only offer basic policies that provide the absolute minimal level of auto insurance coverage. In Australia, this usually indicates a third party policy that covers injury and property damage liabilities to other road users. The policy will not cover the cost of repairs to the vehicle of the policyholder.

It is important to pay attention to the terms and conditions of a policy when using a budget auto insurance company. To keep costs down, many companies will add a higher excess figure to their policies. This is an out-of-pocket payment that the policyholder is expected to make before the budget auto insurance company will settle any outstanding balances. If the excess figure is set at $500 and repair work to a third party vehicle is estimated at $800, the auto insurance company will only pay the remaining $300 balance once the policyholder has paid their £500 excess fee.

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