British Columbia Comprehensive Car Insurance Exclusions

Car insurance customers in British Columbia may choose to buy comprehensive insurance coverage to protect their vehicle from loss. Before doing so, it’s important to understand what circumstances are excluded from comprehensive car insurance coverage.

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Comprehensive insurance does not cover the contents of a policyholder’s vehicle, with the exception of some contents of a motor home.

It doesn’t pay for damage to a vehicle caused by normal wear and tear. If the car becomes rusted or corroded, it is up to the owner to pay for the cost of repairing it. Mechanical breakdowns are also the vehicle owner’s responsibility.

Damage to tires is another exclusion to comprehensive coverage in B.C. If the car tires are stolen, the policyholder may be able to make a claim, though. Another case where damage to tires may be covered is where the damage is due to a peril that is covered under the policy, including fire, theft or vandalism.

If an explosion occurs in the combustion chamber of a vehicle, the damage is not covered under a comprehensive insurance plan. Again, if the damage can be linked to a covered peril, the insurance company will pay the claim.

Comprehensive insurance coverage protects a vehicle owner from more than just damage caused in an accident. It can be added to a policy very easily and can provide peace of mind for vehicle owners.

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