British Columbia Car Insurance: Making a Claim

British Columbia drivers who are involved in a collision need to report it as soon as possible. The policy language will specify the time limit for doing so; in some case a policyholder has seven days to notify the insurance company.

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If the accident was reported to the police, the insurance company must also be advised. In a case where the policyholder intends to make a claim, the insurer needs to be informed right away.

The proof of loss documentation must be filed with the insurance company within 90 days of the accident. If the policyholder fails to do so, the insurer may not be legally obligated to pay out on the claim. This rule is not written in stone, though, and if there is a legitimate reason for the delay in filing a proof of loss, the insurance company may honor a claim made within one year of the date of the collision.

The policyholder is required to take reasonable steps to prevent further damage to the vehicle after the collision. The policyholder should not order repairs until the insurance company has either given its consent or had an opportunity to inspect the vehicle.

The insurance company will assign an adjuster to deal with the claim.The adjuster will interview the policyholder to find out his or her version of events. He or she will inspect the vehicle and determine whether the damage is covered by insurance.

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