Be an Auto Insurance Super Saver (Part One)

As most US motorists will already realize, driving a vehicle without sufficient auto insurance coverage in place is a criminal offence and road users now face stiffer penalties for DUI/DWI convictions than ever before.  Although the rising cost of auto insurance has led to a growing number of drivers operating their cars without a valid policy in place, it’s still relatively easy to obtain cheap auto insurance quotes as long as a few simple pointers are followed.

One of the easiest ways to make instant savings is to increase the cost of your deductible. When an auto insurance policy is taken out, road users have the option to take on part of the risk themselves and carriers will always reward a high deductible figure with lower premiums. However, it’s vitally important that the deductible figure is only raised to an affordable level. In the event of a road traffic accident, the policyholder will need to meet any shortfalls in their auto insurance agreement and this can lead to financial turmoil if the deductible figure is set at an unrealistic level.

Young drivers can obtain cheap auto insurance quotes by qualifying for a series of available discounts. Low mileage completion, a solid academic record and taking a defensive driving course are all ways that first-time motorists can make huge savings on typically astronomic auto insurance rates. By avoiding accidents, young drivers can also build a safe driving history in a relatively short period of time to help reduce the cost of their auto insurance quotes even further.

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