Battle of the Sexes reaches the World of Auto Insurance

The never-ending battle between the two sexes continues to burn with a passion. Although many viewpoints on the superiority of gender are little more than tongue-in-cheek comments designed to raise a smile or two, the world of auto insurance actually sees female drivers enjoying more benefits than their male counterparts. Is this because women are really better drivers or are there other sinister forces at work?

In reality, accident statistics reveal that male and female drivers are involved in a roughly equal number of accidents each year and logic would dictate that this makes both sexes equally as proficient behind the wheel of a car. However, women have a tendency to enjoy cheap auto insurance quotes because of the types of accident they are involved in. Male drivers tend to drive faster, spend more time on the road and, if they are eventually involved in a road traffic accident, the levels of impact tend to be much higher. This often leads to more serious injuries and because collisions cause more damage, the subsequent repair costs are much higher.

Women, on the other hand, enjoy cheap auto insurance quotes because they spend more time driving in urban locations with high traffic levels. This means they don’t reach the speeds that some working men achieve on major freeways so any accidents tend to incur less damage. This makes repair costs much lower and explains why female motorists are rewarded with cheap auto insurance rates. The fact that women often carry children in their vehicles also helps as this promotes an outlook to safer driving.

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