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Basic Auto Insurance Quotes for the UK Motorist

Are you new to the world of auto insurance, or are you simply fed up of exorbitantly high premiums and inferior levels of coverage? Do you find that your careful driving and choice of vehicle is rarely recognized by unscrupulous companies who continue to increase your auto insurance rates every time you renew? By following a few simple rules, UK motorists can easily find a range of basic auto insurance quotes that will save them money:

  • Choose your vehicle wisely. In the UK, auto insurance quotes are much lower on cars with an engine capacity of 1.2 liters or less. This is particularly relevant to young drivers who might struggle to find cheaper coverage on a more powerful model
  • Use price comparison websites to find multiple online auto insurance quotes that can be compared on a side-by-side basis. It is much easier to find cheap auto insurance if you are prepared to investigate the options in detail
  • Consider how much coverage you actually need and avoid fully comprehensive auto insurance quotes if you own an older vehicle. Third party auto insurance will give you full liability coverage but fire and theft coverage can also be added without too big an increase in your premium
  • Always carry over any no-claims bonuses you have accumulated to your new carrier. By obtaining the appropriate documentation from your old auto insurance company, you can still enjoy discounts on new auto insurance quotes as a reward for your safe and conscientious driving in the previous 12-month period

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