Avoiding the Pitfalls of Driving without Auto Insurance

Throughout the country, there is a growing trend of road users who drive without adequate auto insurance coverage or, in some cases, without any auto insurance at all. There are many reasons for this. Some simply find auto insurance unaffordable but can’t do without using their vehicles, especially for important issues like work. Others simply prefer to stay under the radar to avoid making payments at all.

Whatever the reasons, all road users should be aware of the implications of using a vehicle if an auto insurance policy hasn’t been purchased. Every US state has a minimum mandatory requirement relating to auto insurance purchases and the compulsory levels are set on previous accident statistics so that personal liabilities are met. By purchasing the minimum level of coverage, drivers are fully protected in the event of a road traffic accident.

Those who choose to ignore these requirements run the risk of fines, driving suspensions and even imprisonment, particularly if they are involved in a fatal road traffic accident where they are found to be at fault. The repercussions for this type of behavior can become quite extreme. As well as losing their liberty, the worst offenders frequently use their jobs, their homes and even their families.

There is no excuse for driving a vehicle without auto insurance and the golden rule is ultimately a simple one. If you don’t have auto insurance, don’t use the vehicle! With punishments set to increase over the next 12 months, persistent offenders would do well to address their habits now to save their reputations later.

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