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Average Virginia Car Insurance Rates

Drivers in Virginia paid an average rate of $1,364 for car insurance coverage in 2010. This amount is lower than the national average of $1,566. Even though Virginia car insurance prices tend to be lower than those charged to drivers in other parts of the United States, it doesn’t mean that residents of that state should assume that the rate they are currently paying is the best they can get.

Before automatically letting a car insurance policy renew at whatever rate the insurer is suggesting, a better strategy is to start shopping around for coverage a couple of months before the existing policy is due to expire. Going online is a good way to find out about coverage options and the companies licensed to offer car insurance coverage in the state.

The Virginia car insurance buyer can then ask for quotes from a number of companies to compare rates and coverage options. Each car insurance company sets its own rates for coverage, which means that taking the time to consider a variety of options can lead to considerable savings.

When comparing a number of quotes, it’s important for a customer to make sure that they are all for the same level of coverage and that the deductible is the same for all of them. The type of protection offered is also an important consideration for Virginia car insurance buyers.

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