Average Cost of Vermont Car Insurance Coverage

Drivers in Vermont paid an average of $1,267 for their car insurance coverage in 2010. This figure is significantly lower than the national average for the same year, which came in at $1,566.

Car insurance companies are free to set their own rates for coverage, and pricing can vary greatly in the marketplace. A person who is paying at or below the state average for car insurance rates may still be able to get lower prices by shopping around. Someone who is paying more than the state average should definitely be considering other options for his or her coverage.

The best time to start looking at other options for your Vermont car insurance coverage is a couple of months before your existing policy is due to expire. That way, you have the time you need to request quotes from multiple companies and review them before making a decision. If you can get the best deal from your existing car insurance provider, then you don’t need to do anything other than renew your current coverage.

If you do decide you want to change car insurance providers, you will want to get the new policy in place before canceling the old one. A lapse in coverage, even for a short time, is something you want to avoid.