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Average Cost of Tennessee Auto Insurance 2011

Tennessee auto insurance buyers paid an average of $962 for their coverage in 2011. This figure is lower than the national average, which is $1,432.

Even if an individual is paying at or less than the state average for his or her coverage, it doesn’t mean that he or she can’t get a better deal on car insurance. A driver should review his or her Tennessee car insurance coverage at least once a year to determine whether the type and level of protection in place is right for him or her. The best time to perform this activity is a couple of months before the current policy is up for renewal. That way, the policyholder has the time he or she needs to compare rates from other providers before renewing the current policy.

A customer who decides to switch providers should make sure that the new policy has been issued and that the coverage is in force before canceling the existing one. A lapse in coverage should be avoided at all costs, since this can lead to the policyholder being considered a higher risk driver and may make it challenging to get insurance from another company.

All Tennessee auto insurance buyers can benefit from shopping around for coverage. Rates vary between insurance companies, and this strategy can be used by anyone looking for coverage to find the best prices for their individual insurance situation.


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