Average Cost of RI Car Insurance 2011

Car insurance buyers in RI paid more than the national average for their coverage in 2011. The average driver in the state paid $2,064 for coverage. This is much higher than the national average of $1,432.

To keep the cost of car insurance coverage down, a driver should make a point of shopping around for coverage. By comparing pricing from different providers, a customer can find the company that can give him or her the lowest rates for coverage.

A good strategy for buying car insurance is to look for this protection online. Consumers can take their time to investigate various providers to ensure that the companies that have been added to the short list have the financial reserves to pay the claims made by their policyholders. The company web site may reveal this information. If it’s not readily available, a consumer can find this information by contacting one of the rating agencies that assign letter grades to insurance providers. A customer should make a point of dealing with companies that have been given an A or A+ rating.

To save more on the cost of RI car insurance coverage, a customer should make a point of asking about what discounts the company offers to customers. A policyholder may be able to qualify for more than one price break, which will lower the overall cost of coverage for drivers in the state.