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Average Cost of Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Car insurance buyers in Pennsylvania paid an average of $1,792 for their coverage in 2010. This is higher than the national average, which is $1,580. Auto insurance rates in this state actually dropped from 2009 levels by a full 10 percent.

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Since PA residents are likely to pay a higher-than-average rate for their auto insurance, it’s important for them to shop around to ensure that they are getting the best possible deal on car insurance. Each company sets its own rates for customers, and each one has its own methods of determining how risky an applicant would be to insure.

When someone applies for coverage from a Pennsylvania auto insurance company, the insurer considers a number of factors. While the companies may all consider similar criteria, it doesn’t mean they assign the same level of risk to each one. For this reason, pricing can vary greatly for car insurance buyers in PA.

A savvy consumer will get quotes from several providers before deciding which company buy his or her coverage from. Even when the level of coverage is similar, the rates can vary greatly.

Looking at cheap rates alone is probably not the best approach to buying car insurance, though. A much better approach is to consider the level of coverage needed first, and then find the insurance company that can offer the best pricing for it.

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