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Average Cost of New York Car Insurance

As an insurance consumer, you want to be sure that you aren’t paying too much for your coverage. The average cost of New York car insurance for 2010 is $2,325. This is higher than the national average of $1,578.

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Keep in mind that the average cost of New York car insurance is just a guideline. You may be paying a higher or lower amount for your car insurance.

Each insurance company sets its own rates for car insurance coverage. Consumers, who may think that the state regulates prices, may not realize that pricing can vary greatly between car insurance providers. For this reason, it really pays to shop around for coverage.

Getting car insurance quotes from multiple companies makes good sense so that you avoid paying more than you have to for your coverage. Just make sure that you are comparing similar levels of coverage before you make a final decision about which New York car insurance provider you want to go with.

Be sure to ask about available discounts on your coverage before making a final decision about your New York car insurance. Many companies offer a break on pricing to customers who insure more than one vehicle or who buy their car insurance from the same company that holds their homeowners policy. Good students and drivers with low annual mileage may be able to get cheaper rates.

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