Average Cost of Montana Car Insurance 2011

Montana car insurance buyers paid an average of $1,307 in 2011. This figure is lower than the national average, which is $1,432.

Even if a car insurance buyer was fortunate enough to pay a lower than average rate for his or her coverage, it doesn’t mean that the person may not be able to find a better deal on this necessary protection. To get the lowest rates for Montana car insurance coverage, a consumer needs to be prepared to shop around.

Each company that is licensed to sell policies in the state sets its own rates for coverage. The cost of the same type and level of protection can vary greatly, depending on the company involved and its tolerance for risk.

When looking for the best rates on car insurance protection, a buyer should make a point of asking about the discounts that the company offers to its customers. Many insurance providers offer price breaks to customers who insure more than one vehicle or who buy a homeowners’ or tenants’ policy as well as car insurance coverage.

Other types of discounts that may be available include one for low annual mileage, driving a vehicle equipped with an anti-theft device or one that has safety equipment, such as anti-lock brakes, airbags and automatic seat belts.

Car insurance companies also offer price breaks to good students. If a young driver in your household maintains a B average or higher, he or she may be able to get better pricing for coverage.