Average Cost of Idaho Car Insurance 2010

Drivers in Idaho paid an average of $1,175 for their car insurance coverage in 2010. This figure is significantly below the national average of $1,566. A particular driver may be charged more or less than this amount, depending on his or her personal profile and driving record.

Even good drivers can save money on the cost of their car insurance coverage by shopping around to get the best rates. Each insurance company uses its own criteria for determining the level of risk that a driver presents.

When a person applies for Idaho car insurance coverage, the insurer will consider his or her past driving record, for one thing. They consider that past behavior is an indication of how a driver will behave going forward.

Other factors that an Idaho car insurance company will likely consider include the applicant’s age and marital status. Young drivers, especially young men, pay more for their car insurance coverage than people who have a number of years of driving experience. Marital status is factored in because married people are statistically less likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Location also matters when applying for Idaho car insurance coverage. Customers who live in urban areas where there are more cars on the road are more likely to be involved in car accidents than their rural counterparts. Living in a city may also increase the risk of theft, which increases car insurance coverage costs.