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Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Arizona

The average cost of auto insurance in AZ for 2010 is $1,470. This figure is below the national average, which comes in at $1,578. Car insurance rates in this state are coming down, which is good news for consumers; the rate for 2010 is 17 percent lower than the average cost of coverage in 2009.

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Simply because the auto insurance rates are falling, it doesn’t mean that all drivers in the state are paying lower rates for their coverage. Car insurance premiums are based on the level of risk that individual drivers present. If the insurance company determines that you are more likely to make a claim on your policy, you will be charged a higher rate for your coverage than a person who is deemed less risky to insure.

Each car insurance provider has its own set of criteria to decide level of risk. The price for a similar level of coverage can vary greatly between providers. The key to getting the best combination of good coverage levels and affordable pricing is to shop around for coverage.

Since rates are currently on a downward trend, now is a great time to get free online quotes for your car insurance coverage. If your policy is up for renewal, taking some time to consider other options may end up saving you money.

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