Auto Insurance Tips for Female Motorists in Maine

Auto insurance rates in Maine can fluctuate greatly from motorist to motorist. When a carrier provides auto insurance quotes, polices are underwritten using set criteria that can either increase or decrease a premium. Driving histories, ZIP codes and credit ratings can all have a direct effect on auto insurance rates but gender can be one of the most influential aspects of all. Female drivers in Maine frequently enjoy cheaper auto insurance quotes but what are the reasons behind this?

Primarily, female motorists are considered to be safer drivers than their male counterparts. On a purely statistical level, female drivers are involved in a roughly equal number of collisions as male drivers but more often than not, impact takes place at lower speeds so repair costs aren’t as expensive. Male drivers tend to use freeways on a more regular basis and the higher speeds associated with them usually lead to more extensive accidents. Auto insurance quotes are usually adjusted accordingly to balance the levels of risk associated with all policy issues.

While some drivers seem to be unduly punished on a basis of gender, teenage motorists will find that they are penalized even further if they are also male. Young drivers represent one of the highest-risk categories in the world of auto insurance and quotes have been notoriously expensive for this particular category of road user for a number of years. Even though a female might be under 24 years of age, she will not be penalized as heavily an equivalently aged male.

The growing trend of rewarding female motorists with cheap auto insurance quotes has taking another significant turn in recent years and many advertising campaigns now target female road users. Indeed, a number of major auto insurance carriers now operate subsidiary companies that only offer coverage to women. To a certain degree, this leaves male drivers hanging on a limb and many could be forgiven for thinking that the world of auto insurance operates on a particularly uneven playing field.

Thankfully, road users in Maine can still have access to cheap auto insurance quotes irrespective of their age and gender. At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we specialize in providing detailed coverage at affordable prices and only use A-rated providers to work in partnership alongside us. This means that our customers can still enjoy all of the benefits associated with being insured by blue chip companies but our auto insurance policies are always available at a fraction of the price.

Promiga believe in providing free auto insurance quotes so that motorists of both genders are treated equally. We never charge, take fees or make commissions from our growing army of site visitors and there is never any obligation to make any subsequent purchase. Your personal details are never divulged to third party companies and all of our online auto insurance quotes can be provided with just a Maine ZIP code. Promiga are delighted to offer the best levels of auto insurance coverage to men and women of all ages and are dedicated to saving you money on all of your coverage requirements.

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