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Auto Insurance Requirements for Scotland

Auto insurance rates in Scotland are often cheaper than those found in England even though the two countries operate under the same guidelines. Although Glasgow and Edinburgh have large population counts, smaller towns and cities such as Dundee and Aberdeen are located in geographically sparse areas where traffic counts are still moderately low.

There are three different levels of auto insurance in Scotland and the one that offers the greatest protection is fully comprehensive insurance. A comprehensive policy not only offers liability protection for third-party motorists, but also pays for the cost of repairs to the vehicle of the policyholder in the aftermath of a road traffic accident irrespective of which driver is at fault.

Third-party (Fire and Theft) auto insurance provides third-party liability protection and also covers the cost of repairs or replacement if the vehicle of the policyholder is damaged as a result of fires of criminal theft. A basic third party auto insurance policy only offers liability coverage for third-party drivers.

Cheap auto insurance quotes are readily available through the growing number of UK price comparison websites and excellent deals can be found when policy offers are reviewed on a like-for-like basis. Sites such as Confused and money Supermarket are involved in national advertising campaigns to maximize their share of the auto insurance marketplace.

Driving without auto insurance in Scotland is a criminal offence and if a case finally makes it to court, offenders can expect financial penalties and a loss of driving privileges. In most instances, uninsured motorists involved in fatal road traffic accidents will face increasingly severe prison terms.

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