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Auto Insurance Rates Washington

A number of factors affect auto insurance rates in Washington. Along with your previous driving the record, the insurance company will look at the make and model of car you have or are planning to buy. If you have decided that you are interested in getting behind the wheel of a sports car, be prepared to dig deeper for your car insurance coverage than a person who wants to buy a more modest vehicle.

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Choosing a car that is statistically more likely to be stolen will also work against you when you are trying to get a lower price for your car insurance. If you are in the market for a new car and you don’t want to be penalized in this way, contact your insurance company before you make your decision to make sure the vehicle you have your eye on isn’t a favorite of thieves. Then you can make an educated choice.

Your marital status can help you get a better rate for your car insurance coverage. Men in their early 20s who are married are considered more responsible than single men, and can get a lower price for their car insurance coverage as a result. Women can take advantage of the fact that they are less likely to be involved in an accident to get lower rates for their car insurance.

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